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Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea Drink, Lightly Infused Healthy Tea, Refreshing Asian Drinks, 250 ml (24 Pack)

by Yeo's
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Brand: Yeo's


  • LIGHT AND REFRESHING YEO'S CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA BOX DRINKS; TRADITIONAL ASIAN INSTANT TEA CARTON- Refreshing instant iced tea drink lightly infused with the fragrant aroma of yellow chrysanthemum blossom. These popular Asian soft drink cartons are a household name in Singapore & Malaysia. YEO'S delightful assortment of refreshing Asian iced tea drinks are enjoyed on any occasion. Inspired by traditional drinks brewed at home, YEO'S authentic taste is the thirst quenching delight.
  • DELICATELY FLAVORED FLORAL ESSENCE TEA WITH NOTES OF YELLOW CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWER AND CANE SUGAR - YEO'S tea chrysanthemum drink boxes have a delicate floral sweetness that leave a memorable note. A soothing and detoxifying remedy. Enjoy our convenient box drinks at home or on the go. Serve chilled straight from the fridge or over ice for a refreshing and delicious iced tea experience
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENT ASIAN TEA DRINKS; OUR ICED HEALTHY TEAS PROMOTES VITALITY AND WELLBEING- Enjoy our best iced tea as part of a healthy diet. Traditional Asian herbalism uses chrysanthemum for cholesterol, sugar level, blood pressure, and blood circulation support. Chrysanthemum flowers tea is an ideal healthy beverage for everyday use; particularly during seasonal changes.
  • HIGH QUALITY, CLEAN AND FRESH TASTING FLAVORED ICED TEA DRINK; ENJOY DAILY FOR LIVER DETOX AND MENTAL CLARITY- 100% natural ingredient chrysanthemum tea drink includes: water, aqueous extract of chrysanthemum and natural cane sugar. Chrysanthemum tea is good for the detoxification of the liver and for lowering cholesterol levels. YEO'S chrysanthemum instant black tea has stimulating properties and helps in alerting the senses and rejuvenating the brain.
  • YEO'S ARE COMMITTED TO BRINGING YOU SUPERIOR QUALITY ASIAN TEAS- YEO'S brand bears the hallmark value of superior quality: using finest ingredients and manufacturing under stringent methods. Our team constantly innovates to create new beverage products to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Perhaps it is this focus on quality and safety that helps to build YEO'S as a trustworthy brand, valued by many generations of consumers.

Publisher: YEO'S


YEO'S Chrysanthemum Flower Ice Tea Drinks, 250 ml Cartons

A household name in Singapore & Malaysia, YEO'S delightful assortment of refreshing Asian drinks are enjoyed in every occasion naturally. Inspired by traditional drinks brewed at home, YEO'S authentic taste is simply the thirst quenching delight of every generation.

This popular Asian drink is lightly infused with the fragrant aroma of Chrysanthemum blossom and has a delicate floral sweetness that leaves a memorable note. Drink YEO'S Chrysanthemum Tea to beat the tropical heat!

Also available in Chrysanthemum Tea Light with 40% less calories!

Our chrysanthemum tea drink is a light and floral cold tea made with the extract of high quality, clean and fresh tasting chrysanthemum flowers.

Enjoy our conveniently packaged chrysanthemum flower teas at home or on the go.

Keep refrigerated for best results.

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EAN: 0077521717281