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UOUZ 10/9/8 inch Self Watering Pots, Set of 3 Plastic Planters with Mesh Drainage Holes and Deep Reservoir for Indoor Outdoor Garden Plants and Flowers, White Speckles

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Brand: UOUZ

Color: White Speckles


  • [3 DIFFERENT SIZE COMBO] These Self watering pots combines with 3 different sizes, 10inch/9inch/8inch plant pots. It's suitable for repotting and growing indoor outdoor large sized plants, such as Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, African violets, Money Tree, Large Cast Iron Plant, Anthirium, Lucky Bamboo, Zebra Plant, Fiddle Leaf fig, Pothos, ZZ plants, Orchid, etc.
  • [2IN1 SELF WATERING POTS] The planters has a removable watering feeder. You can watering from bottom directly or watering from the top, the excess water will drip into the bottom reservoir. It prevents root rot, making sure your plants don't sit in water and have enough air to circulate in the soil. The bottom of the 17-40oz reservoir provides optimal moisture for your plants, and the capacity water can be auto-watering for plants over 7~14 days.
  • [EXCELLENT DRAINAGE HOLES] Mesh drainage holes on the bottom of flower pots that keeps soil drained and ventilated to prevent soil-loss and helps protect against overwatering. To use a pot with a detachable saucer that can be empty the excess water easy and the soils can be keep dry out somewhat. Saucers with leakproof design is good for plant growth.
  • [4MM STURDY PP MATERIAL & MATTE EXTERIOR FINISH] Plastic plant pots are made by PP materials. It durable, recyclable plastic that protects plants and soil more easily than other plant pots. Modern matte exterior finish are very elegant and can be used for vinyl printing. The sturdy 4mm thickness pots are broken-resistant.
  • [MAKE YOUR HOME GARDEN] The container gardening makes it possible to grow beautiful plants indoor. It to decorate your window sill, desktop, living room, kitchen, bedroom, shelf, garden, office, etc. Plant pot are good for transplanting medium or large indoor plants. We suggested that Soil with 2 gallon(7.5L)=0.3 cu. ft for 8~9inch Pot, and 3 gallon(11L)=0.46 cu.ft for 10inch pot.

Details: 10/9/8 inch self watering pots

Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 10.2 x 7.2 inches