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[TROIAREUKE] Oil Cut Cleansing 120ml+Acsen TOC Toner 100ml Set / Total 2 pcs Set / Skincare Treatment Set

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  • [TROIAREUKE] Oil Cut Cleansing 120ml+Acsen TOC Toner 100ml Set / Total 2 p
  • Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing
  • Troiareuke Acsen TOC Toner
  • Oil-Free Cleanser
  • Acsen Toner


Details: 1. Oil-Cut Cleansing
- Feature :
1) All in One Cleanser
2) Healthy Oil-FREE Cleanser (0% oil)
3) Cleanse extra oils and impurities deep in the pores!
4) Papaya extracts protect natural moisture on the skin and remove extra keratin (peels)
5) Reduce acne germs.
6) Aloe Vera substance for extra moisture

- Recommended :
1) Have acne-prone skin
2) Suffer from sensitivity
3) Used to use 3 types of cleansing (point makeup remover, oil cleanser, foam cleanser) and want to finish at once
4) Have excessive oil and sebum
5) Have oily/combination skin type

- How To Use :
1) Apply onto your dry face (without water)
2) Gently and softly rub it for 2 minutes
3) Wipe your face off with washed cotton pad (for point makeup)
4) Wash it off with warm water
5) Enjoy cleared up skin

2. Acsen TOC Toner(100ml)
1) Troiareuke Acsen product has been developed for Acne and Sensitive skin.
2) TOC tonner awakes your lazy and non-functioning cell to act as its best condition and form.
3) Skin tends to get lazy or tend to become too sensitive due to the cycle of the cell turnover.
4) When skin becomes sensitive, the skin tends to over react to stimulation and external factors. Which makes you dry up in the dermis as sensitiveness creates more blood flow, widen vein and micro vessels (blood pipes), more flow of blood then because of this heat of the blood, the dermis and epidermis is dried up gradually.
5) This will lead to skin cell dryness and fasten up aging process.

EAN: 8806535012707