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[TROIAREUKE] Cell Energy Cream + P (peptide) 50ml / Anti-Aging, Night Cream, Lifteing Cream

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  • Cell Energy Cream + P represent for PLUS Peptide in Cell Energy Cream. CEC+P is a powerful cream that was developed using highly enhanced technique during product formulation for concentrated peptide creation
  • Cell energy cream repairs cell matrix from the deepest skin tissue. The formulation redensify and restores the volume of the face and neck. The efficiency of the unique active ingredient helps prevent the harmful effect of the UV ray's that caused the chrono-aging (photo-ageing / aging through light) skin process
  • Due to the synergy effect of the active ingredient skin becomes denser, firmer, more elastic and luminous. In short, skin is totally rejuvenated. (You can feel the difference in your skin after the very first application and for sensitive skin, difference can be seen after the 5th application
  • Skin sags and wrinkles developed due to the collapse of the skin matrix in dermis. Therefore it is crucial to provide the matrix with essential nutrients that the skin needs as early as the 20s
  • This item may have little different version of package due to manufacturer's renewal policy, but those are the same genuine product


Details: Skin around forehead, nasal furrows (area around nose), and lip contour zones need special attention because these areas are the one where wrinkles first developed.
Cell Energy Cream +P increase the thickness in skin which improves water retention.
It also encourages skin cell activities which in return improve skin firmness.

Peptide which is the core ingredient found in CEC + P cream is best for promoting collagen renewal process as well as volume creating filling substance which helps to re-densified skin and increased skin thickness.
This cream can be mixed with the "Cell Repair Ampoule" which will provide TRIPLE effect with the porcelain.

Stimulated skin cell regeneration for the formation of new collagen to promote the natural process of skin volume Maintains elasticity and flexibility of the skin for rejuvenating effect.
Reduces wrinkles and eliminates fine lines of expression
Protection of the UV rays
Perfect solution for all skin types even to the most sensitive skin but giving volume of skin that one have never experienced
Creating volume providing extra cellular matrix for a redensified skin.
* This item may have little different version of package due to manufacturer's renewal policy, but those are the same genuine product.

EAN: 8809144082123

Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches