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[the SAEM] Urban Eco Harakeke Emulsion 140ml(Renewal) - Moisturizing and Soothing Ability to Dry Skin and Retains Water along the Skin.

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  • ✅Harakeke extract in place of mineral water : Deep supply of moisture for dehydrated skin.
  • ✅ Formulated with Calendula Flower Extract and New Zealand's Manuka Hone.
  • ✅ Mucin extracted from 8 plant ingredients heals the skin damage and helps for cell regeneration: Lotus Root Extract, Gastrodia Clata Root Extract, Aloe Extract, Okra Extract, Opunatia Vulgaris Extract, Dragon Fruit Extract, Polygonatum Odoratum Extract, Lepidium Meyenii Extract.
  • ✅ Aqualxyl extracted from White Birch Tree : Strengthens moisturizing quality.

Publisher: THESAEM

Details: ✅ Ecocert Calendula flower water and bountiful nutrition of Manuka honey keep skin moisture to its maximum level. Moreover, these indigenous ingredients are famous of its anti-biotic and anti-inflammation nature. Softly spread on skin surface and absorb clean. Milky formula fills nutrition from within the skin.

UPC: 807467234661

EAN: 0807467234661

Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 2.7 x 2.0 inches