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TANTIKC Foam Handle Doorway Upper Pull Rod Perfect Multifunctional Portable Pull-Ups-Push-Ups Home-Gym Exercise Fitness Equipment

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Color: black


  • [Hard steel material] The drawbar is made of refined heavy steel, and the fine powder coating prevents rust and corrosion. Its sturdy materials and durable structure ensure its stability and durability, and make our exercise achieve the best results.
  • [Padded handle] Multiple handles are coated with foam to prevent your hand from directly grasping the rigid steel tube, which brings a better sports experience, and the high fiber material can greatly enhance the wear resistance of the foam
  • [Practical function] Perfect exercise for back, shoulders, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, abdominal muscles and abdominal muscles, can do pull-ups and push-ups, multiple functions replace all other equipment
  • [Easy to assemble] Quick and easy installation. No other professional tools are needed, and the same problems as other products that are difficult to install or even impossible to install will not occur.
  • [Included in packaging] The parts are individually packaged and the equipment is disassembled and placed in a bag. We are committed to creating the perfect fitness tool, we will always provide the best quality after-sales service, support the return of bags, and always consider your health and comfort

Details: Pulling up the lever door is a must-have item in the fitness tool series. Pulling up the barbell is considered to be one of the most effective methods for the back, shoulders, chest, arms, triceps, biceps and lat muscles. ★ Multiple functional exercises 1. Grip, provide a variety of grip positions-including wide grip, neutral grip and narrow grip, can help you perform various upper body exercises, including wide grip pull-ups, band-assisted chin pull-ups There are many more to the hanging leg lift. Prepare to change your grip strength to change resistance and target different muscle groups! 2. Exercise the back, shoulders, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, lat and abdominal muscles in front! 3. Get unlimited benefits from upper body / pull-up exercises 4. Prevent back injuries and pain 5. Strengthen the main muscle groups in the arm 6. Increase the speed of burning calories 7. Adjust the size and strength of the back and biceps muscles 8. Increase metabolism and ensure proper form 9. Improve your heart rate and really kick the ass ★ Best features: 1. Turn any doorway into a private gym; it can be installed in just a few seconds. 2. Suitable for standard doorways, very suitable for pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups. 3. Help you stay healthy: let us exercise at home to strengthen muscles. 4. Comfortable to hold, multifunctional, non-slip, easy to use. 5. The door frame lever uses the lever to resist the door, so there is no screw and the door will not be damaged. ★ Product specifications Various versions and sizes are now available to suit any doorway and needs. ★ The package contains: Disassembled pull rod parts x 1