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Taiwanese Dragonwell

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Do you like green teas?  This tea is the Taiwanese version of one of the most famous green teas from China known as Dragonwell.  It is unique in that each leaf of this tea is flattened during the roasting process. 

There are several reasons why we have decided not to carry Dragonwell from Hangzhou but we feel this tea is a great alternative.  Standard green tea in profile, this one is nutty, smooth and affordable.  A great daily drinker from our farmer in Sanxia, Taiwan.


This lot is Spring 2017

+Important Information

A heaping teaspoon of Dragonwell to 8oz. of 175 deg. water.  Steep for 3-4 minutes. Strain and enjoy!


Q: Where is the origin of the tea? 
A: Our teas are grown by individual farmers in Taiwan.

Q: Is green tea a good antioxidant?
A:  Yes, Green Tea is well known for being rich in antioxidants, and for providing a wide range of health benefits

Q: Can you mix green tea with other teas? 
A: Yes, you can but the best way to taste the true, deep and smooth flavor of the tea is to drink it without mixing.