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Sunny Health & Fitness Motorized Auto Assisted Under Desk Elliptical Peddler Exerciser - SF-E3626

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Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

Color: Gray


  • Motorized auto Assisted elliptical with large textured anti-slip foot pedals
  • Easy to read buttons allows to change functions quickly: auto, manual, forward or backward pedaling, and step counter
  • Auto mode has 3 levels of speeds low, middle and high. Manually Use with 3 levels of resistance
  • Automatic shut off timer activates when machine is idle over 30 minutes. Non-slip floor mat included
  • Built in carrying handle for easy movement. Operates with 120V wall plug for automatic modes. Ready to use out of the box. No assembly required.

Publisher: Sunny Distributor Inc.

Details: The motorized auto assisted elliptical is excellent for rehabilitation, and active recovery, equipped with a motorized feature to assist legs to move passively. This increases blood flow, activates muscle, and promotes the increase in bone mineral density (bmd). walking is a great low impact cardiovascular exercise and can take precious time out of the day. The motorized auto assisted elliptical can be used simultaneous while performing seated activities, such as reading, writing, or watching your favorite TV show. Never miss a step with the motorized auto assisted elliptical. Don't get confused by Fancy gadgets no pairing required, no downloading apps; this simple design is easy to use. Press power and auto mode and start moving. This machine provides low impact exercise without the confusion. The motor has 3 levels of speed for different levels of intensity. A manual setting is also available to do the exercise without the motor Assistance. The digital light up display counts every step to add to your daily step count. According to American heart Association (aha) and American college of sports Medicine (ACSM) adults 18 to 65 years of age should accumulate 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity 5 days per week. This type of ergometer has evidence based clinical applications, where it can be used in rehabilitation settings for improving mobility (i.e. Balance & Functional Movement) and for light exercise resulting in positive metabolic responses.

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