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Simplici Lemongrass & Calendula Soap. 6 Bar Bulk Pack. Scented with Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil. Palm Oil Free. 15% Coconut Oil. Long Lasting Lye Soap. 5 oz. EA. Traditional (Non Vegan) Recipe.

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Brand: Simplici

Color: Yellow with flecks of brighter yellow/orange.


  • Scented with LEMONGRASS PURE ESSENTIAL OIL. Calendula flower petals provide natural yellow color.
  • Coconut oil & calendula add botanical properties to this smooth textured, non-vegan bar.
  • PALM OIL FREE! No artificial colors. No synthetic fragrance oils. No exfoliating micro-plastics.
  • Sustainably produced & packaged in a compostable, lined, labeled and resealable bag.
  • 6 bar value bag. Hand-crafted in Pikeville, TN, USA. Risk free, money back satisfaction guaranteed!

Hazardous Material Type: Unknown

Publisher: Simplici, LLC


SIMPLICI LEMONGRASS & CALENDULA BAR SOAP is a concienciously produced and packaged skin cleanser. Artisan crafted by combining coconut oil, lemongrass pure essential oil and powdered calendula flower petals with an Appalachian inspired, centuries old, lard and lye soap recipe. The result is a smooth textured, very hard, long-lasting soap bar that works into a thick, foamy lather.

COCONUT OIL (15%) increases the hardness and lathering abilities of this soap - resulting in a very long-lasting bar that lathers well in a variety of water conditions.

LEMONGRASS PURE ESSENTIAL OIL (5 ml/5 ounce bar) adds a completely natural, bold and fresh lemon scent.

CALENDULA FLOWER PETALS add a completely natural, vibrant yellow color to this skin cleanser.

Bar soap is the original bottle-free skin hand and body wash. Simplici products are conscientiously produced and packaged without palm oil, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, platic bottles, and micro-plastic exfoliating beads.

Try all Simplici handmade soaps and find your favorite, risk free, with our money back satisfaction guarantee. Proudly made in Pikeville, TN, USA.

Great for teens, moms, dads, men, women, gifts, gift, gift sets, pampering, daily use, camping, travel, and the work out bag.