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Silver Needle White Tea

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"I have only been up three hours today and have already had five cups of this tea" [from the same leaves]."

BTTC is stepping into high quality Nepalese teas and we feel great about this one. Grown high in the Himalayan Mountains, this is an elegant silver needle white tea. One tender leaf and a downy bud are meticulously picked from each tender tea bush. This fresh tea is naturally withered, hand-separated and dried to halt the oxidation process. The result is a beautiful, rare tea, with long needles and distinctive silver tips.


Characteristics: Citrus, Almonds, Smooth, Non-astringent

+Important Information

One heaping teaspoon of Silver Needle White Tea, 8 oz. of cooler hot water at 175 deg., Steep for 2,3 and then 4-5 minutes.