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PlayStation Anthology Classic Edition

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Author: Mathieu Manent

Edition: 1st

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 384

Publisher: Geeks-Line

Release Date: 01-12-2017

Details: To celebrate a console that brought wonder into the lives of so many, and a brand that reshaped the whole entertainment industry, the authors retrace Sony's incredible journey, from the company's creation following World War II, to the machine's retirement in the early 2000's. Throughout the 26 interviews, important figures of the period recount their experiences with unabashed honesty, painting a detailed picture of the great venture led by Ken Kutaragi. Much like the Nintendo 64 Anthology, the PlayStation Anthology is unique in both form and content. To fully appreciate the scale of the PlayStation phenomenon, you first have to learn of its genesis and the context in which it was developed, and understand the commercial and marketing power of Sony itself. The PlayStation Anthology sheds light on the birth of the PlayStation and Sony, the company's triumphs as well as its shortcomings, its strategies, technological advancements and, of course, its fantastical games library.

Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 8.7 x 1.0 inches

Languages: English