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PickleStar LED Light Up Pickleball Balls, Offcial Size Outdoor 40 Holes Green PickleBalls with Green Light 4 Pack LED Light Up Pickle Balls, Batteries Included (4)

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Brand: PickleStar Let's Play Tonight

Color: Green


  • 1. LED Light Up Pickleball Balls. The pickleball lights up with fog LED, it is MUCH Brighter than the Glow In The Dark balls, but not “blinding”. It can be seen far from 50 meters in dark! It can be played at any light conditions. Now You Can Play Pickleball Any Time You Want! Day or Night!!
  • 2. Stay Bright For Over 12 Hours ! The LED light up pickleball is powered with Customized Lithium Pin Battery, it could stay bright for over 12 hours. And the battery is replaceable! It allows you play Pickleball As Long As You Want!
  • 3.Offcial Sizes Pickleball. The LED light up Pickleball meets the USAPA Standards on sizes, weight as well as the bounce.
  • 4. Easy To Use. The LED light up pickleball is easily turned On/Off with the attached Key(included in the package), screw driver or coin! Super Easy!
  • 5.Consistent Bounce and Super Durable. This LED light up Pickleball is makde of high quality plastic material with advanced hot plate welding technologies, it has exceptional bounce Performance. And it is super durable!

model number: PKS400G

Details: This LED light up Pickleball could be played in the dark! It lights up with LED and batteries. The ball is yellow with regular 40 round holes. It uses a small LED light that’s affixed inside one pole of the ball. To toggle it on and off, you use a small metal key or Coin. The light lasts 24 hours and stay bright over 12 hours. It nearly indistinguishable from the regular balls we play with in the daytime.

Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 3.0 x 3.0 inches