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Paleo Angel Power Balls Healthy Paleo Approved Gluten Free Protein Snack Bars (Variety 4-Pack)

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Brand: Power Balls


  • Chocolate (non AIP), Vanilla, Orange Cranberry and Lemon Cream flavors with organic coconut
  • Delicious super rich homemade goodness with 4g of healthy collagen grass-fed protein
  • Made with yummy organic fruit, raw, gluten free, dairy free, low GI, no eggs or tree nuts
  • Powerful super ingredients in a fun-to-eat snack - on-the-go anytime for sustained energy
  • Nutritious healthy snacks are compliant with The Paleo Diet and Autoimmune Protocol

Publisher: Paleo Angel

Details: Heavenly taste and healthy nourishment
Easy, portable, and delicious Paleo & Autoimmune Protocol protein snack. Highest-quality ingredients proudly made fresh in the U.S.A. in small batches. Perfect paleo snacks on the go.

• Chocolate (4g protein) has all the fudgy decadence no guilt, and organic cocoa (not AIP compliant)
• Soft and creamy Vanilla made with rich wholesome goodness
• Orange Cranberry has citrus sweet and tart notes in a distinctive homemade recipe
• Tangy Lemon Cream is zesty, delightful, and healthier than any lemon bar

Super ingredients for a powerful Paleo snack on the go
Low GI and good sustained energy. Collagen protein has gut-healing properties - natural alternative to whey/plant proteins. Pure unheated raw, unpasteurized honey preserves natural vitamins and enzymes. Organic fruit contains powerful vitamins and antioxidants. Himalayan sea salt has 84 essential minerals for adrenals and proper body function.

Healthy snacks for kids and adults
• Awesome on-the-go breakfast, mid-day snack, or after-dinner treat
• Perfect gluten free snack for kids
• These paleo snacks on the go are ideal for pre-workout energy or post-workout recovery

Your Paleo Angel
I'm Amy. Being plagued by autoimmune disorders my entire life gave me the inspiration to create these guilt-free tasty Power Balls. In true artisanal style, I crafted these products with love. And I developed a nutritious and delicious superfood compliant with The Paleo Diet and Autoimmune Protocol. My commitment is to help you heal and nourish your body, mind, and spirit. My passion is to help educate the world on the benefits of eating real, whole foods. So delight in all our products, and spread the love.

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