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NXLWXN Pull Up & Dip Station Dip Stand Power Tower Adjustable Height Multi-Functional Home Strength Training Fitness Workout Station

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  • Multi-function fitness tower: Our fitness tower is your ideal training partner for effective, diversified and motivating strength and weight training, perfect for your home or gym.
  • Full lever: You can grab our professional fitness equipment, wide handle, parallel handle or narrow handle, the width and height of the tow bar are adjustable, and can be personalized according to ergonomics.
  • Many possible exercise methods: our fitness tower makes your home a complete fitness center, triceps trainer, height-adjustable upper rod and rings can be used with ropes or elastic bands for training, Among other things, it is ideal for traction, leg raising, knee and shoulder exercises, and there is no limit to your personal physical training!
  • High quality, high elasticity and safety: our power tower is of high quality and stable, made of chrome-plated or matte black painted steel, the temple surface is smooth and pleasant, which can achieve the best treatment effect You can also move easily.
  • About us: If you encounter any problems during the purchase process, please contact us in time, we will provide you with the best quality service.