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NewMe Fitness Instructional Yoga Mat, Pink, Printed w/ 70 Illustrated Poses, 24” Wide x 68” Long, for Women & Men : Non Slip, Eco Friendly PVC, Non Toxic : for Home or Gym : 5mm Thick

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Brand: NewMe Fitness

Color: Pink


  • TONE UP & STRESS DOWN WITHOUT PRICEY LESSONS: Unlike typical yoga mats, ours comes printed with detailed, diagrams demonstrating each pose. Perfect your asanas at home… no trainer needed.
  • BEGINNERS LOVE IT: At 24” x 68”, our large yoga mat is great for both men and women. Crisp, clear illustrations take the guesswork out of popular poses and makes self-guided sessions a breeze.
  • NON SLIP, WITH JUST THE RIGHT THICKNESS: Our 5mm thick yoga mat provides the ideal amount of padding to allow for comfort and proper balance. The slightly tacky surface keeps hands and feet stable.
  • SPECIAL EARTH-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Your easy yoga mat is made from a special type of PVC that’s free of chemicals that other mats have. No phthalates, with a light odor that quickly dissipates.
  • EASY TO USE: The straightforward illustrations on the The NewMe Fitness Instructional Yoga Mat will have you perfecting your poses in no time.

Publisher: NewMe Fitness

Details: Want to reinvigorate your mind, body & soul? Yoga is a fantastic way to exercise your body while calming your mind. But remembering all the different poses and their names is tricky. So what’s the answer? Even if you’re new to yoga, the straightforward illustrations on the NewMe Fitness Instructional Yoga Mat will have you perfecting your poses in no time. This unique mat features 70 how-to illustrations to help you master popular poses and reap the rewards of yoga (without ever leaving home). The instructions are literally right before your eyes, so you’ll never be wondering if you’re doing the poses right. Enjoy greater yogic benefits and save time, too. ??The NewMe Fitness Instructional Yoga Mat is like having your own personal yoga teacher at your service, anytime. From Eagle Pose to Warrior, it’s printed with a variety of therapeutic asanas that release tension, recharge your body and strengthen muscles from head to toe. 70 restorative poses Easy-to-read, easy-to-follow graphics 5mm thickness for comfort & balance Nontoxic - free of BPA, latex and phthalates Screen-printed so graphics hold up over time Light scent that quickly disappears Non-slip surface for stability Made of eco-friendly PVC Durable & tear-resistant Rolls up compact For home or the gym / studio Your mat is made of a durable, eco-friendly type of PVC that contains no BPA, latex or toxic toxic phthalates, so you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself or the environment to toxins. Although you’ll detect a light scent when you first receive your mat, this odor will quickly disappear. Ready to exercise your mind and body? Empower yourself to feel stronger and rejuvenated with the NewMe Fitness Instructional Yoga Mat. Order yours today—click "Add to Cart" now.

Package Dimensions: 24.0 x 4.2 x 4.0 inches