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Mystique-The Ultimate Organic Face Cream

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Mystique-The Ultimate Transforming Facial Moisturizer

That Visibly Diminishes Fine Lines And Wrinkles And Balances Even The Driest Or Oiliest Skin-Gives You Dewy Soft Smooth Glowing Skin. 

Deeply moisturizes and feeds your skin a wealth of transforming minerals including gold and platinum, frankincense, kigelia, fresh organic hand filleted aloe vera leaf and much more.

Visibly Diminishes Fine Lines And Wrinkles And Improves The Firmness And Elasticity Of The skin.

The value of Mystique, is derived from the highest possible quality Of ingredients, the unique craftsmanship, and the transformational benefits enjoyed by its users. Its outstanding properties are also the result of the artisan way in which each ingredient is sourced, specifically compiled, meticulously combined, and then hand crafted and filled. Few other skin care products on the market require this much attention and care from beginning to end. 

The product you'll hold in your hand is a masterpiece and a triumph. A luxury organic face cream that will transform and nurture your skin 100% Non Toxic without added chemicals.    

How to Use
Apply morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed face. We highly recommend using our luxury clay cleansing bar or liquid mineral cleanser for cleansing. For use on all skin types. Allow a few minutes for the cream to absorb before applying makeup.

Effects are immediate and cumulative (the longer you use the cream the greater the benefits). Apply to face and neck including behind ears and behind neck. Apply any excess to hands as a moisturizer.

Rare earth clay mineral extraction that includes fulvic acid mineral complexes (including gold and platinum), free saturated fatty acids (coconut extracted by us), grapeseed oil, organic jojoba oil, hand filleted Aloe Vera juice and gel 100% concentration, energetically structured fresh spring water, 100% extractions of frankincense and kigelia, fermented radish root, grapefruit extract.


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