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[MIZON] Intensive Skin Barrier Eye Care (Eye Roller)

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Brand: MIZON


  • [MIZON] Intensive Skin Barrier Eye Roller 5ml x 2ea
  • 360° Eye massage essence presenting young eye rims through supplemented moisture layering [Wrinkle improvement function] / Full moisture layering - With its two moisture layering maintaining in and outside of skin, it revitalizes skin condition after cleansing.
  • Special for moisturized skin - With small molecule hyaluronatic acid fast in absorption and ceramide blocking moisture evaporation, it maintains skin moisturized.
  • Mild formula for sensitive skin - With mild formula, it takes care of skin by excluding harmful components to skin.
  • Main Ingredients : Moisturized skin through supplemented moisture layering *Small molecule hyaluronatic acid With strong penetrating force, small hyaluronatic acid is easily absorbed to skin. Then it delivers moist to inside the skin. *Ceramide By helping the strengthening of skin barrier, it creates skin protection layer so that moist does not fly away

Publisher: MIZON

Details: How to Use :
1. Using the eye roller, massage the presented acupressure points by pressing the points on morning and at night.
2. After the massage, absorb the rest of the essence by gently tapping around your eye.

EAN: 8809390124363

Package Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.9 x 2.1 inches