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[MIZON] Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot 30ml

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Brand: MIZON


  • Dermatologist Approved - Artificial coloring, fragrance, and preservative free system Factors which are able to arouse troubles are completely excluded from the formula. Artificial fragrance, coloring, and preservative free. Dermatologist approved combination of natural and safe ingredients to minimize skin
  • Acne Natural ingredients adopted Certified for anti-inflammatory combination of pinosylvin and rosemary [ No. 10-0795513] Pinosylvin and rosemary acid included for a more powerful trouble relief solution. These provide excellent skin relief while protecting skin. Acnatural ingredients keep your skin healthy.
  • [Step 1] Yellow fluid layer Dipping into the first layer provide prepares the cue tip with disinfecting solution.
  • [Step 2] Pink Powder Dipping deeper into the pink layer prepares a solution that removes redness and draws out swelling.
  • [Step 3] Yellow fluid layer Pulling the cue-tip out of the bottle applies a second layer of disinfectant and drying solution to remove oil and bacteria from the trouble area.

Publisher: MIZON

Details: Main Ingredients
[Yellow fluid Layer]
AHA,BHA, Triclosan, Sulfur, Coptis japonica Makino
[Pink Powder]

How to Use :
1. Fluid and powder layers mixed?
Let the bottle set for a few hours for natural separation of the pink powder and yellow fluid layers.
2. Dip sunken pink powder with cotton bud through the yellow fluid layer into the pink. 3. Apply only on troubled spots and let dry before going to bed.

Mizon Brand Story
Mizon started in Korea from the 5 researchers' small but big concern of delivering cosmetics with high quality ingredients to a wider group of customers. 5 researchers from a leading Korean Beauty Brand came together with a smart and reasonable idea that price and quality does not have to be proportional. Mizon carries the passion of longing for the best quality while focusing on the basics.

EAN: 8809374714955

Package Dimensions: 3.2 x 2.0 x 1.8 inches