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Luminance Organic Eye Cream

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Luminance Organic Eye Cream

Instantly Tightens And Firms The Skin Around The eye Smoothing Fine Lines And Wrinkles. Flushes Toxins And Fluid From Under The Eye Reducing Puffiness, Bags, Dark Circles.

Luminance™ contains the our proprietary skin tightening ingredient - Flavinall™ which provides an immediate skin tighening effect and the results improve with continued use.

Flavinall™ is an extraction of protein peptides, flavinoids, integrins (they help hold everythng together), vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from fresh vegan organic foods.  These nutrients are small enough to be utilized by the skin cells to help repair and renew broken and degraded collagen and elastin fibers.    The immediate tightening effect Flavinal provides instantly improves the appearance around the eye.   With Continued Use The Results Are Spectacular...  

The area around the eye is usually the first visible signs of aging for most people.    Its the result of the eyes blinking an average of over 10,000 times per day. Such repetitive expansion and contraction of the skin causes the collagen and elastin fibers around the eye to break down faster than on other parts of the body.   Dark circles under the eyes are caused from weak capillaries that leak blood and thus cause discoloration which can eventually lead to a permanent bruised look around the eyes.

Because the skin around the eye is only 1/10th the thickness of the rest of the skin on your face, any leaking from your capillaries becomes visible faster than it would in other areas.

Luminance also provides enzymes that help break down the dried blood underneath your skin and gives your capillaries the nutrients they need to repair.   Bags under eyes are caused by weakened collagen and elastin fibers. Those weak fibers allow stagnant fluid from your lymph system to back up under the eyes, and the fat that cushions the eyeballs pushes out creating that 'bags under the eyes' look.  Because Luminence tightens the skin around the eye it helps push out the stagnant lymph fluid and move the fat back into the eye sockets; thus, giving you a smoother more attractive under eye look.

This is absolutely the best natural eye cream you will ever use and if for some reason you don't agree let us know its backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.

100% All Natural Non-Toxic Ingredients.

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