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Liquid Vegan D3 Supplement | Glass Bottle

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Good State | D3 | 300 servings per bottle 
Liquid. Nano-Ionic. Fast Absorption. 
Vitamin D2 and D3 are the two main forms of Vitamin D.

D3 is allegedly superior in terms of raising blood levels of Vitamin D.

This D3 supplement is VEGAN. This is important to note because Vitamin D2 comes from plants, while D3 comes from animals, meaning that it would be difficult for people with certain dietary restrictions to have the most beneficial form of D3. That is why we made our version completely vegan, because everyone deserves access to the best.

How do we source our D3?

The algae produce the d3 themselves, then fish eat the algae, and usually- d3 supplements are made from harvesting the fish, BUT ours is vegan because it is straight from the algae.

Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin necessary for optimal calcium absorption, the regulation of bone growth, and also plays a vital role in immune function.

Your skin produces D3 when exposed to sunlight- but you may not be getting enough D3.

Give your body what it needs for a Good State of Health™. Try a bottle of Liquid Ionic Calcium Minerals.

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