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Premium Purified Water, pH Balanced with Electrolytes For Taste, 1 liter bottles - Pack of 12Packaging May Vary)

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Details: LIFEWTR is premium bottled water that fuses creativity and design to serve as a source of inspiration as well as hydration. LIFEWTR is a purified water, pH balanced with electrolytes added for taste. LIFEWTR believes inspiration is as essential to life as water, because it moves us forward by unleashing our creative potential. That's why every bottle of LIFEWTR is a canvas for new art, and inside every bottle is crisp-tasting water. To inspire the mind and refresh the body. To drop more inspiration into the world and spark more creativity. Every few months, we'll be launching a new series of LIFEWTR bottles focused on a unique aspect in art - putting the spotlight on three new artists. LIFEWTR Series 4 celebrates the long-lasting impact that art education has on our lives from youth into adulthood. The series features the work of three young artists who have discovered the empowerment that comes with creativity and demonstrated the importance of early art education in instilling the values necessary for a more inspired future.