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Licorice Extract Skin Whitening Serum by Eva Naturals (1 oz) - Natural Skin Lightener and Dark Spot Corrector - Gently Exfoliates for a Brighter Complexion - With Lactic Acid, CoQ10 and Vitamin E

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Brand: Eva Naturals


  • Effective Age Spot Removal: Getting older may be inevitable, but thanks to our dark spot treatment, looking older is completely optional! Licorice and Vitamin E team up to gently fade pigmentation and heal damaged skin, reducing the appearance of stubborn age spots.
  • Naturally Lighten Skin: With Stonecrop and a potent dose of B Vitamins, our face serum will leave your skin singing! These nourishing ingredients help clarify your skin and lock in hydration, resulting in a complexion that's more evenly toned and softer to the touch.
  • Restore and Refresh: Is your complexion missing the wow factor? Our smooth blend uses Lactic Acid to buff away the dead cells that leave skin looking dull and lifeless! We also added antioxidant-rich CoQ10, which can promote collagen production and firmer skin.
  • Safe, Natural Ingredients: From skin-friendly vitamins to powerful extracts, our age spot treatment is made with Mother Nature's best ingredients! Our highly concentrated blend is safe and non-irritating, delivering noticeable results without harsh fillers or additives.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Stop struggling with dark spots on the face and get what actually works! Eva Naturals is so confident that our formula will bring the results you're looking for that we're offering our money back guarantee. If you don't love it, return your order.

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Wave Goodbye to Stubborn Age Spots!

Dark spots and pigmentation can prematurely age your skin. But what exactly causes them? UV
light exposure promotes excess melanin production, especially on the face where skin is thinner.
As a result, you're left spotted with stubborn brown patches.

Restore your complexion's youthful glow with Licorice Extract Skin Whitening Serum from Eva
Naturals! The active compounds found in Licorice fight the production of melanin, making it an
effective treatment against dark spots and discoloration. We paired it with Vitamin E, which can
help heal skin damage caused by UV rays.

But our incredible serum doesn't stop there! Stonecrop and B Vitamins provide two-in-one care
for your complexion. Not only do they brighten and tone skin, but they also lock in moisture for
a smoother, more supple texture. With Lactic Acid for gentle exfoliation and CoQ10 to promote
collagen production, your skin will glow with youthful radiance!

Who says you need prescription creams or medical procedures to fade age spots? Our highly
concentrated formula uses a special blend of safe, natural ingredients that provide breathtaking
results! And because it's non-irritating, it's great for all skin types.

Why Choose Our Whitening Serum?

- Reduces the appearance of age spots
- Lightens the complexion
- Gently exfoliates skin
- Promotes collagen production
- Blend of natural ingredients

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