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KT Mens Pull-up Bar, Abs Pull up Machine, Adjustable Pullup Portable Stand with Sturdy Frame, Indoor Pull Ups Machine Equipment - Gym Training Pullups Workout for Users Standing up to 6.56ft & 485lbs

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  • STANDING PULL UP BAR FOR FULL BODY SWING: No need to bend your legs, limit your movements or damage your door frame when working out. The KT adjustable pullup bar is suitable for users from 4.92 – 6.56 ft (150 – 200cm) and less than 485 lbs (220kgs). Enjoy a full body swing in your home on the best indoor pull ups machine. It’s easy to adjust the height of our pull up stand without a spanner wrench from 76.7'' to 100.4'' as desired, and high enough so your toes never touch the ground
  • STURDY AND SAFE FOR EXERCISE: This is the pullup portable rack you can trust with your eyes closed. The KT pullups stand has GOOD FORCE-BEARING CAPACITY, with max load capacity at 771.6 LBs (350kgs). You can do the strongest exercises without causing it to collapse or bend. Please don’t expect that “sturdy” mean 100% stable 0% wobble. While wobble is usual in any free standing pull up bar, our innovative design have reduced wobble by 92% so many users feel it’s “stable” when exercise
  • HIGH STRENGTH ALLOY STEEL FRAME WITH POWDER COATING: The KT pullups rack has antenna structure that helps adjusting height and spread distance easily. It is not space consuming – the home pullup portable frame has only 44’’ x 48’’ x spread range. Also, easy to add or remove accessories such as foam handle grips (soft and durable 0.275” / 7 mm), hanging hook, aerial yoga hammock, swing chair for kids, punching bag, TRX training straps and more.
  • PORTABLE AND FOLDABLE: The KT adjustable pull up bar can be folded up quickly in 08 seconds to free up your space after exercise. You can move this KT pull ups equipment anywhere within your house/office as per your training regime (in garage, playground, bedroom, gym room or office). Its weight is 63.9Lbs (29kgs), pay attention, this may be very heavy if you are not strong. So if you want the lighter one, please search ASIN B01F60QZK2 to choose our other similar product
  • 6ft - 8ft KIPPING PULLUP BAR HOME GYM WITH 5 YEARS WARRANTY: No matter how intense your workouts may be, you can freely do as many Kipping Pull Ups (Butterfly pull-up) or swinging body as you swish on this reliable chin up bar. We are so confident that we offer 5 Years Warranty on our tried and tested pull up gym bar rack. BUY NOW while goods are in stock. In Covid 19 YOU MAY RECEIVE ITEM LATER THAN 7 DAYS from order date

Publisher: Khanh Trinh production trading service

Details: Are you looking for a trusted adjustable pullup bar, giving you a full body swing safely without making you brush your feet or bend your legs on the ground? KT Multi-pull Portable Workout indoor Pullup Bar should be your chosen home gym equipment: Among the STRONGEST exercise pull up bars in the market, it is SOLID AND STABLE just like a garden/outdoor pull up bar with fixed feet. Free standing men’s pull up bar - suitable for users from 4.92 – 6.56 ft (150 – 200cm) and less than 485 lbs (220kgs). Has a GOOD FORCE-BEARING CAPACITY, with max load capacity at 771.6 pounds (350kgs) Use this pull up frame station for intense workouts without worrying about bending the bar. This durable pull up tower remains in ‘A’ shape.. Made of HIGH STRENGTH ALLOY STEEL FRAME with POWDER COATING. The height of KT foldable safe pull up trainer is adjustable from 76.7'' to 100.4''. Innovative support men’s pull up gym bar has reduced wobble by 92%. Low vibration of this pull tower keeps exercise session frustration-free. This outdoor and indoor pull-up bar is perfect for full body stretching, from the muscles to spine. Great pull up bar for prevention of spinal diseases and relief from stressed back. Safe pull up machine is useful for kids as a swing. Only 44’’ x 48’’ x spread range. This home pull up stands can be folded up quickly in 8 seconds.. Set this indoor and outdoor pull up equipment with weight of only 63.9Lbs (29kgs) in minutes in your garage, office, playground, bedroom or gym as your training device. Attach multiple accessories to this gym pull up power workout bar like aerial yoga hammock, swing chair for kids, punching bag, etc. Safe and sturdy frame with 5 years warranty will never let you worry of breaking down and causing serious injury.