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Authentic Da Hong Pao

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Da Hong Pao or “Big Red Robe” is a tea named forsymbolic robes of Royalty given to a simple farmer forsaving the life of an Empress.  It’s a great story and weencourage you to look it up.  It’s so sought after in Chinaand elsewhere that imposters flood the market. Our tea isguaranteed authentic.  While the Mother plants are therealm of Presidents and Governments, the tea in this bag isa direct clone in the immediate area grown in a NationalScenic Area in the trade-mark rocky soil.  


It’s grown by the Chen Family who inherited 13 acres of thisprecious land from their Grandfather directly within theNational protected area.  This tea is not grown plantationstyle in neat rows like many imposters farther outside butrather these plants grow in spacious groves, ranging in ageup to more than 100 years old.  This location is protected bythe government.

Chocolate, raisins, minerals with a very soft profile.

+Important Information

Spring 2014.  This tea is best from 3-8 years old according to the farmer.  

There is not that much to go around so we only sell this tea by the single oz. 


Q: Where is the origin of the tea? 
A: Our teas are grown by individual farmers in Taiwan.

Q: Is green tea a good antioxidant?
A:  Yes, Green Tea is well known for being rich in antioxidants, and for providing a wide range of health benefits

Q: Can you mix green tea with other teas? 
A: Yes, you can but the best way to taste the true, deep and smooth flavor of the tea is to drink it without mixing.