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Grapefruit 100% Pure Essential Oil- 30 ml

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Brand: Plantlife


  • Pure and Natural, Nothing Synthetic
  • Great astrigent & digestive aid
  • Grapefruit is best known as an astringent and a digestive aid. Also good for cellulite, water retention and obesity.

Hazardous Material Type: Unknown

Publisher: Plantlife

Details: Grapefruit 100 percent pure essential oil is a 30 ml bottle of pure grapefruit essential oil. This essential oil is of the finest quality. The bottle is in amber glass to prevent deterioration of the oil through the effects of sunlight and comes fitted with an integral dropper. This is a pure essential oil and should never be used undiluted on the skin or taken internally.

UPC: 643948002400

EAN: 0796433425335