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Good State Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals with Fulvic Acid (48 servings - 16 fl oz)

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Liquid Ionic Fulvic Trace – Another Alternative to Support Your Immune System and Cell Life

Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound usually found in soil and plants. It is recognized for its ability to balance and energize cell life and biological processes. Fulvic acid literally transforms minerals and other nutrients into minute molecules. Because of this, nutrient uptake is more efficient.

Helps to maintain your healthy immune system, especially during the season when you need it the most.

It may improve healthy oxygen transportation for your brain function and to support healthy memory levels.

Ionic Fulvic Trace can also be there for your digestive system by helping to support the processing of the vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Fulvic Trace is an excellent transporter of nutrients. Overall, Fulvic Trace can help nutrients move through your system with great efficiency and can help support your cell health.

Liquid Ionic Fulvic Trace is a professional grade liquid ionic mineral dietary supplement. The product contains 72 + nano sized Fulvic Trace particles. The Ionic Fulvic Trace particles can be described as nanometer in size. The product is water soluble and completely absorbable. 

It’s also vegetarian friendly—and it’s made right here in the USA.