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Good State Liquid Ionic Calcium Ultra Concentrate (10 drops equals 50 mg - 100 servings per bottle)

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As you already know, calcium is vital for the formation of your strong bones, teeth, and gums. It can also be important for your heartbeat regularity, in addition for the transmission of your nerve impulses. And let’s not forget that it helps give your body support for healthy cholesterol levels, which in turn makes for a happy heart. Here are 3 Reasons Why you Should Try it: 1. It is a liquid that replaces big, dry pills. 2. It absorbs faster and more efficiently than traditional pills. 3. It is an ionized mineral. This supplement is also vegetarian friendly.

And that’s just some of the things that calcium minerals does a body good. Give your body what it needs for a Good State of Health™. Try a bottle of Liquid Ionic Calcium Minerals.


Absorbs much better than pills! Comes with dropper! Small size - Very convenient for travel. Only 10 drops equals 50 mg of Ionic Calcium - 100 total servings. Professional Grade - Natural Calcium - Gluten-Free! Easy to mix with juice or water. Can be taken sublingually.