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Good State Glyco-X 500 with Berberine HCL (500 mg per capsule - 120 veggie capsules total)

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GlycoX contains the highest amount of all-natural berberine per serving. Berberine gets taken in by your body and transported into the bloodstream. Then it travels into your body’s cells. There it binds to several different “molecular targets.” This helps give you the support you need for continued healthy blood sugar because it affects your body at the molecular level. It also has a variety of functions inside your cells.

Good State’s GlycoX products are designed to help maintain your healthy blood sugar levels. These supplements make it easy to manage healthy weight with zero jitters or stimulants! GlycoX 500 with Berberine HCL was designed to take if you are an athlete trying to stay lean and/or you are trying to support healthy blood sugar levels to have a more energetic day.

GlycoX 500 with Berberine is most effective with the product, Liquid Ionic Minerals Blood Sugar Support. This Blood Sugar Support supplement will give your body what it needs to help make GlycoX 500 Berberine work more effectively and for a long period of time. Blood Sugar Support by itself, may not reflect the results you're looking for right away.

To see your results, take both the Glyco-X and Blood Sugar Support together for at least two weeks. Results will vary.

If you feel that GlycoX 500 may be too strong for you, try GlycoX 400 or GlycoX 250. 

The product is professional grade and made in the USA.