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Golden Devil's Ivy - Pothos - Epipremnum - 4" Pot - Very Easy to Grow

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Brand: Hirt's Gardens

Color: green & gold


  • Proper name: Epipremnum (Scindapus) aureum
  • One of the easiest houseplants to grow
  • Likes indirect light
  • Water when dry
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot

Publisher: Hirt's Gardens


Details: Golden pothos is a popular house plant well known for its long, trailing stems that can grow to 8 ft (2.4 m) or more. A tree-climber in its native tropical habitat, this plant has aerial roots that can be trained to climb a moss stick or trellis. It’s glossy, heart-shaped leaves emerge green and become variegated with yellow or white. Although this plant tolerates low light well, its leaves may lose their variegation. It will look its best in moderate or bright light. It makes an excellent office plant because it grows well under fluorescent lights. Place in a Well-draining potting mix. Feed every 2 weeks with houseplant fertilizer, once a month in winter.

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