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Go Go Active High Density ½ Inch Thick Mat - All-Purpose, Durable & Comfortable NBR Foam Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap & Matching Bag - Long, 71" Mat for Yoga, Pilates & Fitness (Hot Pink)

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Brand: Go Go Active

Color: Hot Pink


  • #1 MOST COMFORTABLE & DURABLE MAT ON AMAZON: Forget your old mats that creased, tore and ripped! Our deluxe yoga mat is made to last you throughout countless fitness sessions, be it at the gym, at home, in-studio or the outdoors! No matter where you choose to practice yoga, Pilates, or your favorite exercise routines, our versatile mat will ALWAYS be your BEST choice for COMFORTABLE, EFFICIENT workouts!
  • ANTI-SLIP & LONG FOR OPTIMAL GRIP & STABILITY!: You couldn’t ask for a better mat! Our exceptional design and material combination ensures you STAY in place, WITHOUT wobbling or slipping, helping you achieve MASTERFUL posing, with ease! Hugging your feet and palms, our foam mat makes performing ANY exercise routine feel NATURAL!
  • HIGH DENSITY MAT FOR ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: NOTHING beats NBR foam’s sensation and density when it comes to comfort and protection. Minimizing friction and providing EXTRA TRACTION, our ½” THICK mat accommodates your limbs in FULL extension, actively helping in preventing ANY kind of exercise-related injuries!
  • WITH CARRYING STRAP & BONUS MATCHING MAT BAG!: A VALUE offer, our lightweight mat is also EXTREMELY portable, too! Thanks to its accompanying strap and FREE bag, carrying your mat – as well as your keys, water bottle and iPhone/iPod – is a BREEZE, thanks to the bag’s two, roomy pockets!
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: DARE to COMPARE! We are offering you a Risk-Free Purchase. Try out our mat and in the unlikely event it doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations, you can return it within 30 DAYS and receive a FULL refund of your purchase! Grab Your Very Own Go Go Active High Density Yoga Mat NOW!

Binding: Sports

Publisher: Go Go Active

Details: This Yoga Mat Will Take All Your Workout Sessions To The Next Level STOP replacing your exercise mat every other month! You’re not only wasting your money, you’re also NOT making the most of your fitness regimen, while you’re risking sustaining injuries, too! Whether you’re a yoga beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, our mat is your best choice for energy fueled workouts and improved exercise results. Made For Excellence Why choose our yoga mat, you ask? It’s simple: - Superior Comfort: Smooth Foam Cushioning Makes Working Out ENJOYABLE! - Long-Lasting: ZERO Tears Or Creaks, Sustains DAILY, LONG-TERM USE! - Perfect ½” Thickness: PROVED To Provide The BEST Stability For EXPERT Exercise & Fitness! - Fully Expandable: 71” Long, NO Folded Corners, Caters To ALL Frames & Sizes! - NO Odors Or Musky Sweat Smells: Completely Hygienic, Our Mat Prevents Embarrassing Moments, Helps You Focus On Yoga & NOT On Any Distracting Scents! Highly durable and dependable, we can guarantee this is the LAST yoga mat you will ever purchase! Versatility At Its Finest There are no limitations to using our mat for all exercise purposes! Our mat can be also used for Pilates, or as a general fitness and equipment mat, too! Carrying Strap & Spacious FREE Mat Bag In Matching Color! We are giving you the freedom to choose how to carry your mat! Not only that, but our sleek, BONUS mat bag, with ample pocket spacing, helps you take all your necessities, such as your smartphones and keys, ANYWHERE you might want to work out! Mat Dimensions: 71” L x 24” W Don’t Waste Another Minute! Click Add To Cart And Get Your Own Yoga Mat NOW, Before We Run Out Of Stock!

Package Dimensions: 26.0 x 9.0 x 7.0 inches