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Gelatin Collagen Cooking Powder ~ Sourced from Pasture Raised,Grass-Fed Cows ~ Great for Cooking and Baking~ Certified Keto Friendly and Non-GMO

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Brand: Sports Research


  • BENEFITS: Collagen is one of the most important nutrients needed to maintain strong bones, healthy joints, and improve gut health. Daily intake of Collagen may also help counter act the degenerative effects of aging.
  • FEATURES: Packed with Gut Friendly Protein and Amino Acids that may help vitalize your bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, vital organs, skin, hair, and nails.*
  • QUALITY: Paleo Friendly, Keto Certified and NON-GMO. Sourced from Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed Cattle.
  • USES: Great for Cooking and banking, mixes well with warm water - Helpful hint: 1 Tablespoon of gelatin will firm two cups (one pint) of liquid.
  • 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you don't see results within 90 days, simply return your product for a refund.*

Publisher: Sports Research


Benefits of Beef Gelatin Collagen Gelatin is a multi-use remedy, with a diverse list of benefits. This is by no means an exhaustive list of things you may notice with more gelatin in your diet, but it's a good start.
It can help aid digestion and even heal digestive disorders.
Taking gelatin is a good way to get more protein in your diet. (Think picky eaters, pregnant women who need to boost protein intake, or those eating a mostly plant-based diet.) Adding gelatin to food is an excellent way to supplement protein without having to fill up on extra food. It should not, however, be your only source of protein since gelatin is not a complete protein. When taken with food, it helps your body better utilize other proteins and nutrients.
The use of gelatin improves hair quality, growth, and texture. Long term use can make hair shiny and strong.
Since our bodies make less collagen as we age, gelatin can improve skin health by providing more elasticity.
Daily consumption of gelatin has been shown to improve nail strength and rate of growth.
Supplementing with gelatin can be beneficial for overall joint and bone health, and has been shown to reduce joint pain related to arthritis.
Gelatin is a much better alternative to protein powders, which often contain artificial sweeteners and/or preservatives.
Gelatin has a protein sparing effect, helping to take the edge off hunger.

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