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FAUSTINA 2,000,000 Shots IPL | Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation and Acne Clearance Device | Fast, Effective, Safe & Completely Painless | Full Results After 3-7 Treatments | Free Pouch & Sunglasses

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  • FAUSTINA IPL is a new UK brand and a very powerful IPL device, with 19.89 Joules of energy output per flash and three treatment options make it ideal for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation. This makes the FAUSTINA IPL an indispensable addition to the cosmetic equipment in your home or your salon.
  • The FAUSTINA 3IN1 will focus on Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal. With FAUSTINA 3IN1, you can: rejuvenate your skin, improve your skin’s elasticity, get rid wrinkles, treat your facial rough skin, slow the signs of aging, remove dim spots from your face, reduces pore size, get rid of redness & facial broken capillaries.
  • With FAUSTINA 3IN1, you can: Remove all body hair, effortlessly, lip, armpit, body, legs and the hair on places that are affecting your appearances, hairs on your forehead and bikini area.
  • FAUSTINA 3IN1 has working gliding and stamping modes, meaning you can quickly treat large areas on your body with ease, while also maintaining precision and accuracy in tighter areas. There are five energy levels to adapt to a wide range of different skin types. And best of all? It is usable anywhere, at any time.
  • OUR new brand FAUSTINA 3in1 stands for everything in the name of beauty. After all, beautiful products mean happy customers and happiness is often perceived to be beautiful in and of itself. Do you see that smile on your face? that’s how we want you to feel whenever you decide to purchase a FAUSTINA product in the future…

Part Number: FA_LA

Details: IPL is the most preferred method of hair removal and skin rejuvenation chosen by millions of women around the world. Now, with FAUSTINA 2IN1, you can get so much more. It has 500,000 flashes for each lamp (so you’re actually getting 1,500,000 flashes total!), ensuring a long lifespan. 5 energy levels to adapt to a wide range of different skin types. And best of all? It’s usable anywhere, at any time. FAUSTINA 3N1 can be used for your face, arms, thighs, legs, body, bikini, underarms — the possibilities are endless!

EAN: 5060578390236

Package Dimensions: 11.8 x 9.1 x 4.7 inches