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Farmer Wen's Powdered Green Tea

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This tea is a Japanese-style powdered green tea grown on the family farm of Mr. Wen in XinZhu, Taiwan. He grows it without chemicals or pesticides and it is considered organic in Taiwan.  His farm is far from any cities or pollution.  We like this tea a lot! This tea is great for your health and an excellent daily drinker. This may be our healthiest tea as well because you are actually consuming the leaf itself.  This would be considered culinary grade.


This is a delicate tea.  If your water is too hot or you use too much powder it will get dark and grassy.  Use cooler hot water and only use a VERY small amount of powder, then adjust to taste and it'll be great.  

+Important Information

Brewing:  Use only about 1/8 teaspoon to 8 oz. water at 175 deg. 



Q: Where is the origin of the tea? 
A: It's grown on the family farm of Mr. Wen in XinZhu, Taiwan. 

Q: Is green tea a good antioxidant?
A:  Yes, Green Tea is well known for being rich in antioxidants, and for providing a wide range of health benefits

Q: Can you mix Green Oolong tea with other teas? 
A: Yes, you can but the best way to taste the true, deep and smooth flavor of the tea is to drink it without mixing.