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Eva Naturals Pure Rosehip Seed Oil (2oz) - Natural Face Serum Aids Stretch Mark and Acne Scar Removal - Reduces Inflammation, Boosts Collagen Production for Radiant Skin - Premium Quality, Unrefined

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Brand: Eva Naturals


  • Fade Scars and Imperfections: Whether caused by acne or stretch marks, high levels of Vitamin A allow rose hip oil to visibly diminish the appearance of scars! And because it's rich in essential fatty acids, our facial oil also promotes skin repair and regeneration.
  • Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin: With antioxidants and Vitamin C, regularly using rosehip oil for face can lead to a boost in collagen production! Coupled with its ability to penetrate deep and moisturize skin, it lessens the appearance of creases and wrinkles.
  • Glowingly Radiant: Rosehip's anti-inflammatory properties help relieve the irritation and redness common in conditions like rosacea! Providing some protection against photo-aging, this powerful oil can also help fight discoloration and free radical damage.
  • Premium Quality: Cold pressed and unrefined, our virgin rose hip seed oil is 100% pure and all natural! As proof of its high quality, it has a rich, reddish-orange color that's as beautiful as it is effective. Add it to your body lotion or scrub for a no-fuss DIY blend.
  • Shop Risk Free: Suitable for all skin types, our rosehip face oils offer noticeable results without irritation! We want you to have a great shopping experience, so we're backing each purchase with our money back guarantee. Let us know if you have any problems.

Publisher: Essential Natural Oils


Who Says Scars Have to Last Forever?

If you've struggled with severe breakouts, you know what a relief it can be to see a reduction in
your blemishes. Unfortunately, acne-sufferers can also tell you that breakouts often leave behind
redness and scarring.

Reveal clear, beautiful skin with Rosehip Seed Oil from Eva Naturals! Thanks to a high Vitamin
A concentration, this miracle oil can help reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.
Similarly, essential fatty acids nourish the skin and promote repair and regeneration, aiding your
healing process. The result is smoother skin and a more even complexion!

Those looking for natural anti-aging will love rosehip, too! It's packed with both Vitamin C and
antioxidants, which promote collagen production. The result? A reduction in the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles. Along with the oil's ability to help protect against photo-aging and free
radicals, it will quickly become a staple in your skincare routine.

Recognizable by its dark, reddish-orange hue, you can rest assured knowing our virgin rosehip
oil is 100% pure and cold pressed! Not only does this maintain its quality for effectiveness and
safety, but it also makes it ideal for DIY projects.

Why Choose Our Rosehip Oil?

- Helps fade scars and stretch marks
- Offers anti-aging benefits
- Reduces redness and inflammation
- Provides protection against photo-aging
- 100% pure and cold pressed

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