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Siam Colorful Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)

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Brand: Costa Farms

Color: Siam


  • Distinctive, gorgeous houseplant from Southeast Asia adds color and texture to any space; excellent as home decor accent or for gift giving
  • Siam Aglaonema features lance-shaped leaves edged and veined in rich red; also known as Chinese Evergreen
  • Comes in a unique, decorative Water Wick self-watering planter with a rosewood coloring - your plants will never be thirsty again
  • Easy-growing, tolerant aglaonema thrives in low, medium, or bright light; water when soil dries out (can go a few weeks without watering)
  • Helps remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and purify the air in your home or office

Publisher: Costa Farms



Easy growing, lush, and gorgeous, this stunningly unique and long-lived Siam Aglaonema houseplant from Costa Farms comes in a stylishly decorative self-watering WaterWick planter system — you'll never have to think about how much or how often to water your plants.

Siam Colorful Aglaonema shows off lance-shaped leaves edged and veined in rich red. It's complemented by a WaterWick planter in rosewood.

Also known as Chinese Evergreen, it's gorgeous on desks or tabletops, as well as coffee tables and side tables in dens, living rooms, and bedrooms. It's also great to have around the home or office as studies have shown that aglaonema helps purify the air.

Grow no-fuss colorful aglaonema in low, medium, or bright light. The plant often shows the best color in medium or indirect light indoors, and it can take some direct sun on the leaves.

Easy to care for, aglaonema needs watering when the soil dries out, and it can go a few weeks without water if you're away from home. Fertilize a couple of times a year to keep it at its best. It's a great addition to any home or office space as studies have shown that aglaonema helps purify the air.

The included WaterWick self-watering planter system takes the work out of decorating your home or office with lush, beautiful houseplants. You'll spend less time watering, and you won't have to worry about your plants while you or vacation.

The WaterWick planter features a specially designed wick that's inserted into one of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. The bottom half of the wick dangles into the WaterWick reservoir, while the top half of the wick stays in contact with the potting mix. The more water the plant pulls from the soil, the more moisture the wick pulls up from the reservoir.

Grown by Costa Farms, a family-owned farm based in Miami, Florida that grows more than 1,000 varieties of high-quality plants for in and around your home.

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