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Competition-Grade Baozhong

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Price is for 2 oz.

Competition Baozhong rarely makes it outside of Taiwan.  The local market values this tea highly and it is snatched up quickly.  This is Farmer Chang's Winter 2016 Competition Baozhong.  Farmer Chang grows this tea in a beautiful area of Pingling.  His normal grade Baozhong is one of our best selling teas.  This is the same tea but it's processed very carefully and it is picked at the precise instant Farmer Chang determines all the major factors are present; good weather, date and time of day.  This attention to detail produces an amazing floral Baozhong that will transport you to another place with every sip.  For those of you who know your Baozhong, this is Farmer Chang's "Toudeng" (頭等). 


Varietal: Qingxin

Location: Pinglin, Taiwan

Elevation: 800M

+Important Information


Put 0.17oz (5gr) leaf into a 8oz. (200ml) cup.  Fill with filtered or spring water around 175°F / 80°C.  Steep for about 5 minutes until the leaves open up nicely and the cup is fragrant.  Strain and enjoy. 

Alternately, 3gr to competition style brewing cup. 


Q: Where is the origin of the tea? 
A: Our teas are grown by individual farmers in Taiwan.

Q: Is green tea a good antioxidant?
A:  Yes, Green Tea is well known for being rich in antioxidants, and for providing a wide range of health benefits

Q: Can you mix green tea with other teas? 
A: Yes, you can but the best way to taste the true, deep and smooth flavor of the tea is to drink it without mixing.