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CHUXAY GARDEN Hibiscus Mutabilis-Confederate Rose Dixie Rosemallow Cotton Rose 5 Seeds Perennial Non-GMO Flower Heirloom Gardening Gifts Showy Accent Plant

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Color: Green,Red,Rose,White


  • DISCOLORATION:Floral color change occurs in it when flowers are white in the morning, turning pink during noon and red in the evening of the same day. Temperature may be an important factor affecting the rate of colour change.
  • HOW TO PLANT:A full sun or part shade lover, this plant is best grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Water freely during the growing season and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly. Water sparingly in winter. Drought tolerant.
  • EXTERIOR:Cotton Rose is Erect to spreading, usually freely branching with stems covered in soft, about 17cm long, are rich green above, and covered with star-shaped hairs beneath. Funnel-shaped, white or pink flowers, 8-12cm across.
  • EXSIT:These beautiful plants can surviving well in Zones 7-11.
  • ODOR:Hibiscus flowers are odorless but when it becomes hibiscus concentrate it gives strong acrid smell with a tinge of pomegranate concentrate smell

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