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Ceylon White Tea

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This beautiful and elegant White Tea is grown on an independent family farm in the South of Sri Lanka.  We're tempted to classify it as a White Oolong because it defies experience. Although a White tea, it somehow cups up like a premium Ceylonese Black Tea in mouth feel and flavor. 


This tea is made only of the youngest tea buds picked early in the morning for maximum antioxidant content and delicate taste.  An interesting fact about this tea is that it takes a full Kilogram (2.2lbs) of hand-picked buds to make a single 2 oz. bag of this tea!  That's not easy to do for our artisans and they are really going the extra mile here.  Quality at this price is not easy to find. 

+Important Information

A first of it's kind and exclusive to BTTC, this plucking is from early November 2017 made of the "Da Bai" tea plant varietal brought to Sri Lanka over 100 years ago from China.  

NOTE: Contrary to most white teas BREW THIS UP WITH VERY HOT WATER ;)  These buds are strong enough to take it.