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Brown [Type] Cordless Hand Blender Multi Quick 7 Mr730cc

by Braun
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Brand: Braun

Color: White/Silver


  • 1. Slim & fit shape treatment easy of its own, and easy grip ergonomic grip. Not just softly contoured, have firm, slip-resistant, so even when used in high power affordable. 2. Around difficult stains and splatters adopted its own design to prevent spatter prevention design Blender rotating blade cover. Small, dirty kitchens and clothing. 3. Features you want to use the easily with simple operation of the change push button replacement parts available. Smoothly without interrupting cooking arrangements and flow can be changed soon to the feature you want to use, so can cooking. 4. Blender can be used in cooking pot heat-resistant temperature is 100 ° c. As you make a soup and pasta sauces, such as in the pot or bowl directly possible cooking. When you are using always grated from the fire pot, Blender tip firmly put the material in. 5. Built-in powerful motor of powerful motor recruitment speed control handle speedy cooking. 6. Food washing machines capable, easy to clean body, Chopper connection, charging stand non-washable in the dishwasher.

Details: Has excellent Cordless type design and also can be used to cook without care outlet position and code and stowed in the stylish kitchen

EAN: 4210201654384