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Braun Multiquick 7 MQ735 Sauce Hand Blender, Black

by Braun
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Brand: Braun

Color: Stainless Steel


  • BRAUN Hand blender "multi-QUICK" (1.5L) MQ735 black / silver Japan used like new

Publisher: BRAUN


Characteristic of product
*The industry's first smart speed technology in pursuit of usability

BRAUN multi-;, with smart speed put on quick MQ7 series, speed control is function that it is possible for for own sense of the hand.
Speed changes by grip condition of big button and can change speed in conformity to ingredients freely.

Implementation of this power control allowed delicate cooking that was not possible to conventional product.

*Powerful motor and original bell type shaft which handle cooking speedily

Product made in high-quality Germany where BRAUN developed motor which could be called life of hand blender originally.

As for the dishes, tree cricket is completed with superior basic performance in no time.

In addition, because original bell type shaft rolls up ingredients well; the finish uniformly.

Healthy smoothie of every morning is brief deliciously, too.

*Care is easy! Therefore we want to use every day!

We pour detergent and tepid water into exclusive measuring cup and only turn on 10~20 second switch and are container and simply care that we can care for around blade.

In addition, we can wash with dishwasher other than system unit, food processor joint, the whisk joint.

*Standard model of one 4 position whom daily can manage.

"Mixing" is that "ticking away" can easily manage "we beat", and dishes can enjoy, "we smash" that we usually use well for person trouble easily every day.

*It is just usable in pan cooking.

When we make potage or pasta source, we can cook in pan and bowl directly.

At the time of use, we take down pan from fire by all means, and please put blender leader in materials well.

*Spatter prevention design that the neighborhood is hard to become dirty with.

We adopt original design to prevent spatter in rotary knife Cover of blender.

As there is little worry to pollute kitche

EAN: 4210201056522