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Blue Light Blocking Glasses, 2Pack Cut UV400 Computer Glasses for Anti Eyestrain

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Brand: AOSM

Color: Tortoise + Black


  • 【We Save Your Eyes From Strain】:AOSM ANTI BLUE LIGHT GLASSES is upgraded from normal computer glasses,Perfect for you who uses computer and phones all day for work and was complaining of eye fatigue and pain, redness. You will notice a difference.These are worth it to save your eyes from fatigue with electronic screen use. Help with eye strain from computer, tablet, smart phone use for extended periods of time.The non prescription glasses is suitable for women and men.
  • 【More Health & Professional Blue Light Glasses】/【Your Eye Guardian-Premium Lens】: AOSM anti-Blue Light Glasses which block harsh blue light anti harmful blue ray, provide all-day protection, against the detrimental effect high energy visible blue light and UV400. Glasses lenses are Premium PC lens with shock resistant and water proof, dust free and easy to clean;Blue light blocking computer glasses is perfect for people who work long hours on computers, tablets, games, on the phone or on TV.
  • 【In Eyes Protection, We Believe】AOSM focuses on eyes protection glasses and pursues to bring you the relaxation on working and the enjoyment of life. AOSM computer glasses will fliter harmful blue light diretly, prevents blue light from passing through the lens to your eye. AOSM Computer Glasses can reduce eye strain and headache, Solved Your Eyes Strain issue. So you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep.AOSM blue light blocking computer glasses bring you best visual experience.
  • 【More Sturdy & Comfortable Frame 】The build quality of the frames is a moderately durable polycarbonate which durability and comfortable long-term wearing.Comfortable and light frames almost forget your wearing glasses. Casual frame design keeps you looking professional and stylish while working or playing video games.Let AOSM anti blue light reading glassses brings you a wonder visual feast trip.Not recommend for small head.
  • 【Satisfied Warranty】Protect your eyes by AOSM , AOSM anti blue light reading glasses defend your eyes healthy, not only make screen time more comfortable but also help eliminate symptoms of digital eyestrain. AOSM provides satisfied warranty to make sure you could buy glasses with confirdendce and would try our best to solve any problem until you are satisfied.ssue and make you satisfied.

Binding: Electronics

Details: For better work and better life, AOSM focuses on blue light blocking glasses and brings you enjoyment of digital life. AOSM Digital Glasses: Blue Ray Blocking AOSM blue light cut lenses are made with a special blue-light blocking polymer, that is directly incorporated into the lens materials. Why we need filter blue light ? A main source of blue light in our lives is the harmful blue-violet light emitted by our digital screens. From TVs to tablets, and computers to phones, we’re constantly exposing ourselves to unnatural blue light. By wearing blue light blocking glasses, you can limit the amount of blue light that enters your eyes and make your screentime more pleasant. Our Blue light blocking technology---HEV-Absorb Technology, will absorb harmful blue right diretly, prevent prevents blue light from passing through the lens to your eye. AOSM digital glasses is not only your blue light blocker, but also your eye guardian: --Anti Eye starin --UV400 Protection --Reduce Headache --Sleep Better

Package Dimensions: 6.4 x 4.9 x 1.6 inches