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BioActiveC60 Carbon 60 (C60) Strips

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Carbon 60 (C60) is one of the most effective and powerful antioxidants known.

✔️Patent-Pending Formula
✔️40x more bioactive than C60 in olive oil
✔️No messy oils, easy to carry
✔️Shelf stable for over a year
✔️Not made with solvents 
✔️100% fully dissolved
✔️300 times stronger than Vitamin C
✔️ 5 times stronger than Turmeric
✔️So small that it’s capable of neutralizing free radicals inside the cell’s mitochondria

While other brands offer C60 in olive oil, BioActiveC60 offers you a patent-pending fresh mint strip that dissolves in your mouth.

No pills to take, no oils to spill. It is 100% dispersed and solvent-free.

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