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Bamboo Toning Mist

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Bamboo Toner

A refreshing mist that delivers active enzymes, minerals and hydration for healthy glowing skin . We make this product using the nutrients extracted from fresh bamboo leaves. Which contain high amounts of silica (which can make your skin stronger) and other healthy nutrients. The fulvic acid minerals are extracted by us from a rare clay where all of the minerals are bio-available to your cells.

You'll enjoy using this product to instantly refresh, hydrate, set makeup and nourish your skin.  Also you can use this product to help enhance the effect of any other product like moisturizers, peels, lotions, masks and more by helping those products absorb deeper into the skin. Just mist a few times after after applying any skin care product.  

How to Use
Hold about 8 inches from face and mist.
Repeat throughout the day suitable for all skin types.

Magnetically charged fresh spring water, clay extracted fulvic acid mineral complexes, bamboo leaf water extract, organic orange essential oil, grapefruit extract.   

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