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Premium Omega 3 Booster


Fairfield Naturals’ proprietary blend of: Wild-Caught Alaskan Fish Oil, Wild Caught Icelandic Fish Oil, Organic Borage Oil, and Vitamin E.

  • Pets are more frisky, energetic and healthy |It's better than Salmon oil alone and contains more omega 3
  • Shiny coat, less shedding – high in anti-inflammatory GLA omega 6 - soothes skin problems
  • Delicious taste: your pets will love the taste and it adds easily to food, no mess no smell, no pills
  • Approved by Veterinarians for reducing hip and joint pain along with pain caused by injury to your pet.
  • High quality: made in USA from renewable, all natural ingredients and is non-GMO. | Refrigerate after opening.


About Our Fish Oil Products

We are developing a line of products to help young pets maintain and increase their overall vitality and older pets be more frisky, mobile, and pain-free.

We use only Wild Alaskan Salmon oil in its most pure and fresh-pressed state. It’s not heavily processed and deodorized, ensuring that your pet receives the highest nutritional and omega 3 benefit.

Omega 3, 6, 9 Booster

Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon, and Wild Icelandic Fish Oil from pristine Arctic seas, are the primary ingredients in our unique blend.

Veterinarians recommend fish oil for many reasons. As a vital source of often missing Omega 3’s, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce arthritis symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and inhibited mobility. Omega 3’s are also great for heart and brain health, for energy and vitality along with skin and coat health.

To make our fish oil blend even better and truly unique, we add both organic borage oil and Vitamin E

Organic Borage Oil

Is a completely natural oil derived from the star flower plant. We add a small percentage to our formula because it is rich in GLA (Gamma- Linolinec Acid ) – an important beneficial Omega 6 that is not only anti-inflammatory, but has also been proven in double blind peer-reviewed research to be useful for skin and coat problems in canines. The addition of GLA provides an important synergy to the Omega 3’s and is useful for producing shiny coats, less itchiness and for the overall health of the animal.

Vitamin E

The 2nd ingredient we add is natural Vitamin E. Why is natural vitamin E good for your dog? It turns out that Vitamin E is an essential fat-soluble nutrient that is essential for a dog’s muscles, circulatory system, and ability to heal from injury. It is also an antioxidant, helping to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

There is a link between deficiency of Vitamin E and cell damage in skeletal muscle, the heart, liver, and nerves.

In addition to the internal benefits, Vitamin E is also good for skin and coat health. It is often found in dog shampoos because it can help reduce flakiness and promote a healthy, glossy coat.

Because Vitamin E is also known to boost the immune system. Some call it the perfect winter vitamin since cold weather can dry out the skin and compromise the immune system.

Vitamin E has also been found to increase elasticity in connective tissues and thus increase mobility