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Coffee is it good for you. Acid free coffee even better!

Coffee is it good for you. Acid free coffee even better!

Good news. Drinking lots of coffee reduces your chances of dying prematurely. Because of coffee’s huge capacity to reduce the risks of numerous diseases, it is but natural that coffee can lead to longer life spans and a better quality of life as well.

Live longer. A new study found that drinking coffee could lower your risk of death. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health and the AARP, led by Neal D.Freedman gathered information from 229,119 men and 173,141 women who were part of the AARP Diet and Health Study. After 13 years, men who drank two to three cups of coffee a day had a 10 percent lower chance of dying, compared to men who didn’t drink coffee. Women who drank the same amount had a 13 percent decreased risk.People who drank four to five cups a day saw the biggest benefit. While this is the largest study to examine the benefits of coffee, more research is needed to determine whether coffee can directly help people live longer.

Be warned. The epidemiologists at the National Cancer Institute who conducted the study, which appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, were cautious in interpreting the results. People in the study who drank coffee -- 90 percent of the overall group -- were more likely to smoke. That more than wiped out any gains from coffee drinking.

Is it really acid? Some people aren’t able to drink coffee because it bothers their stomach, but is it really the acid?The high acid amount found in coffee is one the largest contributing factors the high increase of acid related diseases in our society. You may be saying, “I had no idea that there was acid in my coffee!” Most people do not know. Think back to all of those times when your stomach has been upset, deteriorating of teeth and bitter bite after every sip? Well that is the acid! The acidity of a coffee is partly due to the growing region and partly influenced by the way a bean is processed and roasted. The tannic and lipid acid blooms on the bean during its roasting process. Coffee grown at higher altitudes and in volcanic soils tends to be higher in acidity, and is generally more highly prized.

Acid free coffee: If you like coffee that won’t affect your stomach we recommend switch to low acid coffee.

The Right Choice: Regular Blend Tyler Coffee

Why: Tyler’s Coffee uses a “Z-Roasting” process that optimizes the time the coffee beans are cooked. The Z-roasting process is a proprietary process, which removes the natural acidity found in coffee beans. The process involves computerized monitoring of temperature, air, humidity and other atmospheric conditions to allow each delicate coffee bean to reach perfection. This process is completely chemical free.


  • Switching your coffee to an acid free choice will help benefit your body and health.
  • Less of the acid 6.05 pH (High pH means Less Acidic - great news to people with sensitive stomachs.)
  • Tooth enamel is protected and teeth are stronger leading to fewer cavities.
  • Really great testing coffee - deliciously smooth with no bitter bite while still maintain a bold flavor


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