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7 Steps to keeping your body healthy

7 Steps to keeping your body healthy

Your body is an amazing thing and will work well for you depending on how you treat it; your body requires effort and focus on your part to maintain optimum health so that you can perform to your absolute best as much as possible. Very often injuries and illnesses manifest themselves through a lack of care for your body; here are 7 steps to focus on to help you keep your body healthy and working to the very best for you!

1. Eat well! Getting the right nutrition is the best way of ensuring your body has the adequate amounts of fuel to keep you going. The main emphasis when it comes to eating healthily should always be to get the balance on the point. The wise way to work at your best is to focus on wholesome and varied foods that nourish you and meet your nutritional and calorie requirements. Your physical health, including bones, muscles, and joints require care and great nutrition!

2. Exercise daily! Your body is much like a machine and it needs to move! Exercise improves your cardiovascular fitness, your muscle tone, and definition, and keeps your joints and bones strong. Exercise is also one of the best ways to clear stress and any mental/emotional stagnation. Choose activities that raise your heart rate and lung capacity even if this is just a brisk 20-minute walk. Walking is actually a great way of staying active daily, and maintaining some kind of formal exercise at least 3 times a week is optimum for your overall health and well-being.

3. Sleep like a baby! The quality and quantity of sleep are very important to your health and well being because as you sleep your body regenerates. Ideally, most adults should aim for at least 6-8 hours good quality sleep each night. The best way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to effectively start winding down as the evening progresses, try to avoid using any mobile devices, turn your computer off, avoid any heavy/rich foods and caffeine after 6pm; reading a book or listening to calming music often helps your body wind down in preparation, herbal teas like chamomile (or teas with a calming effect) are also beneficial.

4. Do things that you enjoy! Sometimes you can get so caught up in daily life that you actually put what you enjoy on the back burner. Life is about balance. Always make time in your life for things that make you happy. All work and no play can leave you more at risk of stress and health issues. Find time for some fun and play in your life!

5. Hydration! Staying hydrated is vital to your health. Your body can go for periods of time without food but not without water. Your body is comprised of around 75% water and forms the basis for metabolic processes, blood, body and digestive fluids, as well as being the main component in lean muscle, fat, and bones. Caffeinated and alcohol drinks tend to dehydrate so these should be limited within health and wellbeing guidelines for optimum nutrition.

6. Stay flexible and bendy! Stretching is a key component to any exercise and training routine you do. Good flexibility allows you to perform tasks better and keeps your muscles, bones, and joints supple.

7. Listen to your body! Don’t ignore warning signs and aches and pains. Your body speaks to you through signals and signs in a physical, mental, or emotional form. Listening to your body means that you are able to recognize when you aren’t feeling well and take the necessary steps to get yourself better. Many aches and pains in our body come from muscle imbalances. Make sure to stretch your body evenly, right vs. left, and front vs. back (e.g. quads vs. hamstring). Even if you have pain on only one side, you should always stretch both sides. When performing a stretch, proper position, and good posture help relieve tightness and increase overall mobility while minimizing injuries. Move as deeply into each stretch as possible before reaching a point of discomfort. Stretching should create tension during the stretches, and relief afterward.

Stretching might not be the best answer for every situation. When dealing with injuries or joints and muscles that are particularly painful, consult your physician or physical therapist prior to implementing a new stretch.


  • Stretch opposite muscle groups (right vs. left, front vs. back)
  • Perform the stretch correctly with good posture
  • Maintain balance and control over your body
  • Move slowly and gradually into a stretch
  • Hold stretches for 15-25 seconds
  • Breathe deeply throughout to help your muscles


  • Stretch only the “bad” muscle or joint
  • “Cheat” for more range of motion
  • Bounce your body to extend flexibility
  • Hold your breath or hyperventilate
  • Move swiftly or abruptly

Sometimes injuries, aches, and pains do surface and they require swift action! There are products on the market that can assist you and provide a cure to aid your speedy recovery. One such product is Back to Normal Arnica Cream, which can help relieve lower back pain, headaches, knee and joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis, to name but a few! Arnica is a natural herb and it’s the flowers of the plant that are used in natural medicine for joint soreness and pain relief.

Back To Normal LLC is a health and wellness company that creates products to empower you with the knowledge and tools to ease your pain in a natural way; their mission is to build happier lives through pain relief. Their Arnica Cream works to reduce swelling and help blood flow away from the injury. Are you ready to find out more? Here are the full benefits of this amazing product, where you can find it, and how it can help you!

How Back To Normal Arnica Cream can help you!

Back To Normal Arnica Cream is useful for people suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and other forms of neuropathy. These products are designed to offer quick relief from reoccurring pain with longer lasting pain-avoiding results. It uses multiple pain fighting strategies to stimulate blood flow to and from the swollen area to jumpstart the healing process; and it fights inflammation, which in itself is harmful to your body.

Their Arnica Cream helps to fight muscle spasms, relieve stress and lubricate joints. You don’t need to have an acute injury to gain the benefits; use on everyday aches and pains helps reduce pain and swelling also. This allows you to work and play longer! Apply this Arnica Cream to the affected muscles (indicated in the Companion Stretching Guide) and then perform the prescribed stretches; your body will be able to release tensions and focus on healing.

What makes it different?

This type of Arnica Cream absorbs fast, it won’t stain your clothing, isn’t smelly, is not addictive, and has no uncomfortable or nasty side effects. Back To Normal Arnica products are designed to help your body heal itself; and often where you feel pain is not the source of the problem. For example, most headaches are caused by muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. Listen to your body so that you can provide it with the healing it needs without delay, which can often worsen the problem. Both the Arnica Cream and free Companion Stretching Guide are available on their website.

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